Okay, there are people who follow trends and those who buck against them… I typically resist trendiness. That said the tech side of me has serious iPad envy. Is it new, yes. Is it cool and trendy, yes. Must I find ways to justify owning one in spite of my anti-trend nature, yes.

So I know when I go to conventions there are apps for navigation (getting to the building and in the building), there are apps for tracking inventory and turning it into a cash register or credit card terminal. There are apps for finding restaurants, books to read, comics to view and many, many very productive and useful reasons to make it a valuable tool… But Captain’s Blog is just really cool and really fun.

More and more I am seeing things thought of as futuristic, becoming reality right before my eyes (I am still put out that no usable rocket pack is available yet, though). This is one of those things that really seems to blur the line between the “sci” and the “fi”. I think what I like most (besides the cool interface) it that it is a usable social network device allowing users to comment on their Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as send emails. I don’t even have an iPad and I HAD to have this app in my iTunes library if only in anticipation of getting one, someday.

Hello, my name is Scott and I’m a fan of sci-fi…