Hey all! I would love to hear back from you the readers about some events occuring with Ralf the Destroyer. There have been more than a few friends in the web comic world who have suggested that Ralf would look even better in color. I myself enjoy both black and white and color comics, but have typically leaned towards black and white because newspaper comics were my first love and color is simply more work.

Well a new development has once again put more pressure than I can resist on the issue of color, Bill Kellogg (of Tundra & Inkbottle Syndicate fame) asked if I would be interested in having Ralf the Destroyer distributed in their new project, Funnies Extra . That’s right, Ralf the Destroyer is going to be in newspapers!… and in color. The above strip is the sample I submitted to be included in their promotional issue. So now would be a great time to ask your local paper if they are going to include Funnies Extra and Ralf the Destroyer in their content!

Finally I would like to run something by I’ve been considering: Would you be interested in a Member’s section that included color strips and/or a weekly color long form comic book page?

I’d love to hear back from you and thanks for reading!