I just added a character page (see top menu bar) on today. Initially I wasn’t going to post it since it’s still so early in the strip and many of the characters have not yet been introduced. There’s a bit of info about the bigger picture part of the story-line, so I guess this is a bit of a preview if you’d like something to look forward to.

Originally (way back when) I had hoped to make my whole webcomic site in Flash8. It was quite an under taking and I was literally learning as I went. The main idea was to allow me to upload and edit content without uploading a whole new site and provide and interesting interactive experience for you the readers.

Unfortunately I never finished it completely and it seemed that WordPress/Comicpress was the way to go. Never-the-less, the character section was done and worked well as a stand alone page (as far as I can tell). Just so you know, there are a couple sound effects for mouse overs/clicks. I may still look for a way to finish it in the future if readers find it enjoyable. Let me know what you think.