Many of you have been very generous and I am quite thankful for all the readers out there who enjoy “Ralf the Destroyer”. I am especially glad when I am able to meet some of you at conventions and I always enjoy the heart and wit of the comments that appear on this site.

I have received some curiosity about the updates and the state of the website so I thought I’d let everyone know where I am and what my plans are. While I had hoped to be further along on certain “non-Ralf” projects, life has simply thrown me a few sneaky curve balls (such as suddenly having to move my family to a new home). This on top of a few rather large projects has seriously impaired my scheduling of Ralf strips.

I thought lowering Ralf to a once a week update would be easier to meet, but I have really had my hands full. Now what I know is this, before October is over one very large deadline (a 48 pg graphic novel for “Graphic Classics”) will be done and met. After that I am very confident that I will be back to scheduling Ralf to Monday-Wednesday-Friday.

As for the site, I am trying to obtain some professional help to create a child theme and update my ComicPress site. I know certain buttons have never worked quite right, so I’m hoping I can fix some things with a newer version of ComicPress or possibly Easel. I am also looking into adding an “Extra Content” portion of the site which would showcase a full color long form comic which would update weekly and would reveal much more of the mythology and dig into Ralf’s past.

Last but not least, I will also be setting up some appointments to meet with comics editors to see if self syndication will be an avenue worth pursuing. What all of this means is I am ramping up for what I hope will be a big year (2012) for Ralf the Destroyer… but it has nothing to do with the Mayan Calender.

Please let me know what your thoughts are, I would love some feed back from you the readers.

Scott Lincoln