Just wanted to include a quick update about the website. A few people have mentioned the navigation glitch that impedes progress through the few most recent comics… I am attempting to upgrade to a newer version of Comicpress to rectify this error. I actually looked into a couple other comic plug-ins, but I am only so competent when it comes to PHP and CSS… And  I am really slow and don’t want to risk loosing all the great comments and feedback that are stored up here. The site may appear slightly different when I attempt the switch (since child themes don’t work like the actual theme did on the older version), but I am trying to minimize the changes. I’m not finished yet, but just to let everyone know.

Another thing I thought I’d announce is that even though I won’t be running a full daily schedule I will be including Sunday strips more often, every seventh strip to be exact. It may appear on a Monday, Wednesday or a Friday but every seventh strip will be in a Sunday format. I’m doing this because if Ralf makes it into newspapers on a daily basis, I don’t want to be too far behind on my Sundays and I also want to make sure I can hit the right balance with them as individual strips as well as part of a series. It helps me feel like I’m moving towards the goal anyhow. For now they will be in Black and white as the consensus has been positive for that.

Thank you for reading!