Shop For Ralf On AmazonRalf the Destroyer books are now available on Amazon! The Z Store on has also been updated to link to those first two volumes of Ralf the Destroyer (the third will be out a little later this year) which are available as both soft cover books AND Kindle editions on the main Amazon site as well as the UK and EU. I know there were some folks in other nations that found the former shipping costs prohibitive and I hope this helps.

If you’d like to purchase one at Amazon, you can go there and search “Ralf the Destroyer” or just click on the Amazon cart button (above left) and enjoy the shopping experience you’ve come to know on the web. If, however, you’d like to pitch the artist (me) a higher royalty percentage you can pick up Volume 1 and Volume 2 softcovers directly from CreateSpace.

Now, for those of you who have an Amazon account and have been avid readers of Ralf the Destroyer in book form (or even on the web) I have a very important favor to ask. When you have a moment, could you please swing by Amazon either through these links or by search and leave some good ratings and favorable comments on the Ralf the Destroyer book pages? So many of you have had really kind things to say in person and via the site, I’d love for the books to start out on the right foot on Amazon and your help in this would be tremendous.

Thanks, Scott Lincoln