I apologize for not posting sooner after announcing I was ill. As of a few days ago I was past the bug that was going around and cleared out my lungs.

On top of that there are several pretty big news items that may be coming to a head in February (that I’m dying to announce but can not at this time) and I had to commit considerable resources to ensure their timely flourishion. As a result, Ralf the Destroyer’s buffer of new strips was depleted. I am in the process of trying to build that buffer of new material back up so I can ensure more timely Ralf the Destroyer updates in February and into the future. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know that I have been adding Sunday strips that were missing from the archives. Why is that important? “Why”, indeed…?

Lastly, I haven’t really plugged my Patreon page in a while because I don’t like being a pest. However, January through March are particularly hard months for me and my family financially. If you’ve thought about contributing, but haven’t yet, even the smallest contributions can make a considerable difference.