I am in the process of reevaluating what I need to do to make “Ralf the Destroyer” a successful webcomic vs a successful newspaper comic. In truth, it could have been in papers, so I was told by a major syndicate editor,  if  I simply drop the character  “Ralf”.

Well, here we are…

I now realize I need to focus on the web as it exists now and need to learn how to better monetize that (a difficult, but not impossible prospect for me). I am hopeful because I do believe in the characters and story regardless of how it is viewed. I also hope that you (the readers) who stop in to see new updates for Ralf will enjoy the ride and share it with your friends and family.

Scott Lincoln

8 thoughts on “Resuming

  1. Scott. This is great news. I’m still waiting. 🙂

  2. Good to see you back. Sorry that the syndication dream appears to have failed but I agree you could make the web work. I currently support a number of web comics via Patreon. I give a little each month but, if you can get the numbers, then it can add up significantly. Best of luck – I will keep checking back!!

    1. Thanks Rod, I’m making a renewed effort to clean up the site and streamline my Patreon page as well to offer extra content and such for more reader enjoyment. Thank you for support there and here!

  3. YES!!! Glad to see Ralf back!

  4. Glad to read this. 😀

  5. Drop Ralph…??!?! Really??? Aw HELL NO!

    1. He was a really nice guy and he liked all the supporting characters, he just believed an alien protagonist would never work (like many in the industry). But to me, while the support cast is fun and diverse, without Ralf there’s no reason for them to interact.

  6. Where is this editor? I think Gothra should drop something…

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