Do you love adorably introspective extraterrestrials?

Is joining the “Men in Black” the right career move? 

Are there dragons in outer space?

What is proper decorum in an alien love triangle? 

Is your boss a vampire? 

Can a kill-bot be housebroken?

Shall the meek inherit the Earth?

These are the questions the cast of the epic, “retro newspaper styled” comic “Ralf the Destroyer” will have to answer.

About the Comic

Meet the “Charlie Brown” of alien invaders. Ralf was hired by the TransGalactic Council to destroy the Earth. What they didn’t know was, that he’s actually just a really nice guy and kind of a procrastinator. 

Once on Earth, Ralf finds himself in debt and with a crush, as he is chased by a tenacious eight year old girl, a grifter with idle ambition, the Men in Black, and a giant space roach… all while stumbling into a love triangle as Earth’s survival balances precariously on his conscience.

About This Website

This site offers two versions of the comic strip you are reading. If you are visiting on a desktop or laptop computer you will see the comic in the classic newspaper format with horizontal, black and white, daily strips and a full tabloid color Sunday. If you are visiting on a mobile device, you will view the daily comics in a vertical stack and Sundays in a vertical scroll format and all (daily and Sunday) strips are in color.

Navigation consists of “infinite” scroll found on the “Home” page and individual comic navigation which can be accessed by clicking the “comment” icon (when in infinite scroll mode) or by clicking one of the “Chapter” buttons. The traditional singular navigation comes with the benefit of bookmarking where you left off reading and the largest comic strip image for desktop users.