Alexia "Lexi" Carter

With Lexi, everything is either an earth shattering emergency or an excuse to play dress-up. Lexi definately feels most at home in a crisis situation where she is quick to take command. Now her moment of glory has finally come with an epic threat laid at her feet. But she soon realizes that that no one will listen to her. Undaunted, she now realizes that she alone must save the world, even if it means making friends with the enemy.


Ralf's mother on Xyo. Ralf is told that she was consumed by the flames of Xyo during a purification rite.


Ralf's Dad. He flees Xyo while Ralf is in suspended animation... for some reason.


Defender is a real super hero with secret government origins, at least... that's what his comic books say. Lexi is one of his few super-fans since he hasn't been seen or heard from in some time. Lexi holds out hope that he will return and stop Ralf's diabolical plan, and then she and Defender can be best friends.

Erin Cochrane

Erin is the part time waitress at the "Donut Hole". She offers Ralf kindness and a guileless feminine perspective... but, she hasn't told Ralf everything.


Estelle is a 'Hospitality Class", free range, A.I. that just seems to really have it in for poor Ralf.

Evette "Honey" Carter

Evette is Lexi's mom and the lovingly taunting wife of Gabe Carter. She met Gabe while she was studying physical fitness and therapy in college. She and Gabe were eagerly married soon after and she strives to be her daughter's best friend.

Gabriel "Gabe" Carter

Lexi's loving and protective father, whom she is compelled to impress. Gabe is a wisely cautious, spiritual person and takes his position as the anchor of the family quite seriously.


Gothra is a very old battleship originally built by the Noropian Gorts for planetary invasion. She has a long and glorious history that ended when the Galactic Council exploited a Gort weakness and she was forced into retirement where she was used as a war museum. Her A.I. was never decommissioned and still craves a little action, but she serves her Captain first and above all else.

Instiq Prime

Instiqs are a race of insectoids that were cyberised by the Trans Galactic Council to battle their dreaded foe the Noropian Gorts. The Council miscalculated and the cybernetics enhanced them so much that they became sentient and developed their own organic enhancements. Instiqs usually keep to themselves on their hive planets, unless of course you disturb their nest by say… accidentally destroying their sun like the Xyoans (Ralf’s people) did. The Instiqs and many other races tend to hold a grudge about these things and have standing bounties for anyone who can eliminate a “Destroyer”.


Kaiser is about as manly a man as you will find anywhere. Kaiser’s past is spotty at best and rumors that he was a “strong man champion” and a member of the “Hell’s Angels” have yet to be refuted. He spent his youth bucking the system and fighting “the man”, unfortunately for Kaiser these things always catch up with you. Kaiser took personal inventory and has been trying to turn his life around. Looking to redeem his misspent youth he’s decided to take Ralf under his wing and make a man out of him. Ralf really doesn’t want to be a man, but feels he must honor this “chief-like” human, plus Kaiser’s bigger than he is.


Mai is an ambitious astronomy student who dreams of contacting and colonizing far away planets. Although Ralf has a terrible crush on her, she fails to see him as the answer to her dreams. Instead, she sees Ralf as a nerdy "puppy dog" that she humors from time to time.

Ralf the Destroyer

Ralf is the "Charlie Brown" of alien invaders. Ralf was hired by the TransGalactic Council to destroy the Earth. What they didn't know was that he's actually just a really nice guy and kind of a procrastinator. Once on Earth, Ralf finds himself in debt and with a crush, as he is chased by a giant assassin bug... all while stumbling into a love triangle as Earth's survival balances precariously on his conscience.


Ray is a loathsomely opportunistic creature feeding his vices off the inattention of others. However, his sixth sense has put him in the sphere of Ralf, where the gears of cunning and treachery really begin to turn.

Senator Almanac

Senator Almanac is the head of the committee charged with intergalactic peace keeping. His people are known as "Creedonites" and are known for opulent living and his position certainly grants him considerable access.


Thane “the harbinger of doom” walks around New York City with his sandwich signs attempting to warn the populace of the alien apocalypse to come. He is generally ignored and occasionally despised but he is definitely on a mission. The real question arises, “is Thane as crazy as everyone thinks he is?”

The Men In Black

This “technically non-existent” branch of the government is responsible for tracking down and covering up alien and UFO events as well as keeping tabs on the aliens who choose to remain here. Ever since Ralf arrived this group has been running in circles trying to catch up with him and get him in custody as he manages to inadvertently undermine their diplomatic work.


Zorpha is the hostess of an entertainment show in the ring city of Xyo. Whether her portrayal is accurate is debatable since she just shows up in Ralf's day dreaming to interview him.