Bitten Apple TV

I have been invited to discuss “Ralf the Destroyer” on the livestream YouTube channel, Bitten Apple TV, which is hosted out of New York by Rafael Tavares. The live stream starts May 8th, 7:30pm EST (Monday night) 2023. I hope some of you will join us for what I expect to be an up beat and engaging, live video chat.

Update: The interview went well and all parties involved seem to have had a good time geeking out.

Below is the video conversation.

The Local Artist’s Show

This is an interview I did on a YouTube channel called “The Local Artist’s Show” with Rich Cyr and Wilbert “Wibo” Boles. Wibo was a friend of twenty years and I hadn’t done any promotion in a while, but he was adamant that he wanted to have me on his show. Wibo had a huge heart and just loved people of every walk, it’s hard to say “no” to such a friend.

Anyhow, this is a pretty casual interview and we discuss how I got started, Ralf as a feature, thoughts on various comic related subjects and some of the books I was involved in making or worked on.

Live Interview w/ Tom Racine

If you missed it, here’s an interview I did with Tom Racine during an all day live broadcast marathon for the Tall Tale Radio, Indiegogo fundraising campaign. Tom was a very lively and enthusiastic host and made the whole experience quite enjoyable.

And you can find Tall Tale Radio at:

Interviews Two

Unexpectedly, Ralf the Destroyer is getting some press on two fronts. I was contacted by Todd McElmurry, who is a contributor for Webcomic Alliance, letting me know he had been reading Ralf the Destroyer and wanted to choose it for his “Pick of the Month“. The article is up now on the Webcomic Alliance website and is a very well written and entertaining summary!

The second interview has been in the chute for a while. Kurt Sasso of TGT Media had originally had me scheduled to do an interview with him on the TGT Media podcast in November but moved it up to September 1st! Kurt is a generous host and I very much appreciated the opportunity to join him on his show and talk about Ralf!

This was my first audio interview, so of course there were some technical issues and I sounded like I’d been drinking Mountain Dew by the pint with Cappuccino chasers, but Kurt was great about it and I would not hesitate to be a part of the show again. The Ralf the Destroyer podcast (#269) is available on the TGT site and on iTunes.

Just Eat It…

Seeing as I’m taking a brief timeout to finish a job, Deb Wolf has leaped into action. Deb is a fan on Facebook and and regaled us with links, in a comment discussion here on the site, to her rendition of the falling whale that so often graces many museums. Well, timely as usual, Deb had some gags about Ralf eating that were burning a hole in her pocket.

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