Yes, It’s back for 2024!

As some have surmised from binge reading this site and those who have been original readers, the last (formerly published) comic strip was back in 2017. I always maintained that my desire was to complete this story and it is my plan that the adventure will continue starting in July 2024. The above image is a week of brand new, penciled strips picking up right where the story left off and more are to come.

I’ve spent the last couple years retro coloring all the strips and rebuilding the website on a more secure server as well as trying to learn how to build a healthy social media presence. The reposting of strips on social media will all catch up to the site in July, so that’s when the new strips will pick up and I will revert the site back to a more standard “webcomic” format. Between now and July it is my intention to build up my buffer and start re-releasing the books in color as digital collections.

Though the road has been rife with difficulties, it has always been my great pleasure to create this story and it is my great hope that all of you will enjoy the adventure with me.

Must Read for 2014

Although I announced this on our Facebook page, Ralf the Destroyer made into the “Best Webcomics to Follow in 2014” list over at the website “The 100 Best Graphic Novels“. This site’s goal is to help old and new graphic novel fans to find something to new to read. Currently,  listing the top 100 graphic novels of all time as a good starting point. There are also weekly reviews and recommendations based on what the author reading at the time.

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Characters: Ray

Live Interview w/ Tom Racine

If you missed it, here’s an interview I did with Tom Racine during an all day live broadcast marathon for the Tall Tale Radio, Indiegogo fundraising campaign. Tom was a very lively and enthusiastic host and made the whole experience quite enjoyable.

And you can find Tall Tale Radio at:


Is it Ralf on pulp or is it Memorex? Hey I just figured out the coloring effect that I like for Ralf the Destroyer. Everyone knows that Ralf the Destroyer was designed for newspapers, which is why I and many readers seem to prefer Black and white vs color. However, I am a huge fan of newsprint and I even like the effect it has on color comics.

This is the undithered version.

I found some Photoshop tricks that let me convert my color files to a pretty authentic pulp look. I’m not sure when I might use it but I thought I’d run it by you (the readers) to see what you thought of it. Just click the thumbnail to see the full size image. Maybe I’ll use it for the Sunday strips in the future, please comment and let me know if you think it looks cool or if it’s not your cup of tea.

These are for comparison.