2022 Major Overhaul

As of this writing (June first, 2022) the “Ralf the Destroyer” website has undergone a complete revision. First and most importantly the site’s hosting has been moved to InMotion which prides itself in repelling spam and malware (no going cheap this time) I’m making the investment for a safe viewing experience. While all of the old posts were migrated over, the site itself was a clean rebuild using the Toocheke theme which offers the infinite scroll archive on the landing page. Also, every single strip has been refinished to provide a warmer, more nostalgic, reading.

The site is also now “mobile” adaptable, with a desktop version that reflects the classic horizontal, black & white daily, color Sunday… but for mobile readers, a vertically optimized, all color daily and Sunday comic format.

While the site is now “live”, there are still some comics being reformatted and some features to be added or filled out. Past posts have announced things like a Patreon page and books being published, etc… many of these were undone a few years ago and are not presently available. They will, however, be coming back in a newer form when the readership numbers warrant it.

Lastly, yes, the story will be picking up where it left off, as I have been squirreling away numerous notes and ideas for some time. I do not have a date (but rest assured) I will be sending out an email to all who subscribed in times past as well as anyone who has willingly granted me their address, to let everyone know new content is being published again.

Thank you for your readership and checking in!

5 thoughts on “2022 Major Overhaul

  1. Awesome!

  2. So great to hear, Scott!
    I’ve been getting your Facebook notifications so I went to find the new website. Can’t wait to resume.

    1. Hey Gene! Glad to see you checking in! I’ve been working hard to get all the strips updated and am really pushing the social media coverage. The plan is everything catches up around the same time and new strips start posting for a smooth transition.

  3. Good to hear from ya again!

    1. Hey Mike, thanks for checking in! It’s not easy getting heard sometimes, but I’m working on it.

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