Yes, It’s back for 2024!

As some have surmised from binge reading this site and those who have been original readers, the last (formerly published) comic strip was back in 2017. I always maintained that my desire was to complete this story and it is my plan that the adventure will continue starting in July 2024. The above image is a week of brand new, penciled strips picking up right where the story left off and more are to come.

I’ve spent the last couple years retro coloring all the strips and rebuilding the website on a more secure server as well as trying to learn how to build a healthy social media presence. The reposting of strips on social media will all catch up to the site in July, so that’s when the new strips will pick up and I will revert the site back to a more standard “webcomic” format. Between now and July it is my intention to build up my buffer and start re-releasing the books in color as digital collections.

Though the road has been rife with difficulties, it has always been my great pleasure to create this story and it is my great hope that all of you will enjoy the adventure with me.

2022 Major Overhaul

As of this writing (June first, 2022) the “Ralf the Destroyer” website has undergone a complete revision. First and most importantly the site’s hosting has been moved to InMotion which prides itself in repelling spam and malware (no going cheap this time) I’m making the investment for a safe viewing experience. While all of the old posts were migrated over, the site itself was a clean rebuild using the Toocheke theme which offers the infinite scroll archive on the landing page. Also, every single strip has been refinished to provide a warmer, more nostalgic, reading.

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Ralf Sighting!

Ralf the Destroyer is now available on the WebToon platform, online and app! If you are someone who already uses the app, you’ll have a new way to read  ‘Ralf the Destroyer” and if you don’t… it can’t hurt to try, it’s free! The mobile app is quick and easy to use. It allows subscribing and remembers where you left off reading as well as offering off-line viewing!

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Opportunity Knocked, It Needed Color

So, here’s what has been going on…

I have been working with the good folks at the Ink Bottle Syndicate to get Ralf the Destroyer into newspapers. This has turned out to be an epic project (by epic, I mean it’s taken many years). My hope is that 2015 will be the year Ralf gets out of the “gate” because… I really need the strip to turn the corner on making an income and I truly believe it can really take off if it can see newsprint.

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Must Read for 2014

Although I announced this on our Facebook page, Ralf the Destroyer made into the “Best Webcomics to Follow in 2014” list over at the website “The 100 Best Graphic Novels“. This site’s goal is to help old and new graphic novel fans to find something to new to read. Currently,  listing the top 100 graphic novels of all time as a good starting point. There are also weekly reviews and recommendations based on what the author reading at the time.

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TGT Media Tournament Round 3

At first glance it appeared that Ralf had made it into the semi-finals, but there were actually three rounds before that.

I am super happy that so many showed up to vote for the second round! This round (3rd) I’m up against Robin Dempsey who does “LeyLines“. She is a fine artist, storyteller and member of Webcomics Alliance crew who are (from my experience) fine group of artists.

Never the less, I still would love to see how far Ralf the Destroyer can go and your votes are what make he difference! Please be sure to stop over at TGT Media and cast your vote for Ralf the Destroyer in Bracket 2 (no less)!

Thanks for our continued support!

TGT Tournament

Every year, specifically August 8th, is TGT Media’s Birthday!

To celebrate this day, a special yearly Tournament is held where the past fifty episodes battle it out for bragging rights, cross-promotion and other prizes.

This year’s Tournament has my interview about “Ralf the Destroyer” in it.

Our interview is in Bracket 4 (or fourth down the list).

Readers can vote every hour. Round 1 ends on August 9th 11:59PM.
If we have the most votes in our bracket we will move onto the next round.

The main prize is we will have top priority for next year’s TGT Media interview list at your schedule/convenience.
Other prizes may follow as the month goes on.

Ralf can always use whatever exposure can be mustered, so be sure to vote by clicking the link!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow, so I will be taking a few days off. I’m sure that most of you readers will be preparing for, and heading out, to spend time with your families (that’s as it should be). I am very thankful for your continued support as readers, for monetary donations through Paypal and for donated art supplies through Blick Art Materials. Ralf the Destroyer updates will resume on Monday the 26th and I hope you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Sincerely, Scott Lincoln

P.S.: Don’t worry about the giant orbital death ray platform, known as the Gothra… Ralf left with the “safety” on.

Help – Ralf the

I’m having a limited time art sale! I need to raise some capitol to keep the site up and buy food and heating oil as this past summer has proven to be more economically depressed than I expected. GoDaddy needs their hosting fee by October 1st and I have run out of money.

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Interviews Two

Unexpectedly, Ralf the Destroyer is getting some press on two fronts. I was contacted by Todd McElmurry, who is a contributor for Webcomic Alliance, letting me know he had been reading Ralf the Destroyer and wanted to choose it for his “Pick of the Month“. The article is up now on the Webcomic Alliance website and is a very well written and entertaining summary!

The second interview has been in the chute for a while. Kurt Sasso of TGT Media had originally had me scheduled to do an interview with him on the TGT Media podcast in November but moved it up to September 1st! Kurt is a generous host and I very much appreciated the opportunity to join him on his show and talk about Ralf!

This was my first audio interview, so of course there were some technical issues and I sounded like I’d been drinking Mountain Dew by the pint with Cappuccino chasers, but Kurt was great about it and I would not hesitate to be a part of the show again. The Ralf the Destroyer podcast (#269) is available on the TGT site and on iTunes.


Is it Ralf on pulp or is it Memorex? Hey I just figured out the coloring effect that I like for Ralf the Destroyer. Everyone knows that Ralf the Destroyer was designed for newspapers, which is why I and many readers seem to prefer Black and white vs color. However, I am a huge fan of newsprint and I even like the effect it has on color comics.

This is the undithered version.

I found some Photoshop tricks that let me convert my color files to a pretty authentic pulp look. I’m not sure when I might use it but I thought I’d run it by you (the readers) to see what you thought of it. Just click the thumbnail to see the full size image. Maybe I’ll use it for the Sunday strips in the future, please comment and let me know if you think it looks cool or if it’s not your cup of tea.

These are for comparison.

Ghost House on iTunes

So a few years ago I did a targeted reading level graphic novel for Rubicon Publishing in Canada, they provide content to educational book outlets and schools etc… So I’m looking for a finished cover which I don’t have to scan (since I just have the illustration files) to pad my portfolio and I stumble onto a link that says, “Ghost House on iTunes”.

Well it looks like the Skyreader part of the company is publishing their books as learn to read apps/iBooks on iTunes in February. So if you’re a fan of my art and you have kids and an iPad, you might want to check it out! Also, at the time of the writing there aren’t any comments on the iBook/app page, so it would be awesome if someone left some good feedback there and happened to mention the artist as well 😉

Forward by Chris Yambar

I was able to attend the Pittsburgh Comic Con and found myself making a brief appearance on “The Chris Yambar Show”. Chris is the creator of “Mr.Beat” and the writer of numerous comics including “The Simpsons” comics.

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Site Update

While I’m sure everyone would prefer a comic update, the Ralf the Destroyer Site has been long over due for its own update. Many have been quick (but polite) to point out the navigation issues that were affecting the reading experience. I have managed to update the site to a newer version of Comicpress and that seems to have resolved the navigation problems as far as I can tell.

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Mix March Madness

Uugh! I didn’t realize had a Mix March Madness Webcomic Tournament! We just discovered it doing a random “Ralf the Destroyer” search. I would, however, like to thank the readers who thought of Ralf the Destroyer, nominated it and for those who were able to vote for it in the first round!

If I had known I would have campaigned a bit more by posting about it sooner and yacking about it on Facebook and Twitter a bit. Aside from that there are a bunch of great comics over there that can still use your vote, so mosey on over there and help your other favorites out!

Tales From the Floating Vagabond

For those of you out there that don’t already know, I was hire by Lee Garvin who is the creator of the highly entertaining Role Playing Game, Tales from the Floating Vagabond. This has been a monumental project and if I seem like I’m not commenting as much it’s likely I am chopping away at the pile of assignments that are due with this project. So far it has been a lot of fun and has stretched my abilities, I think it may be some of my best work to date. So be sure to go check out his website, where he is posting updates and progress on the project.

Success in the World of Comics

Well I’ve booked my flight, my room and  I’m all signed up for the “Success in the World of Comics”seminar in Las Vegas. Looking at the list of speakers, looks like it’s going to be a great opportunity to meet some great folks in the industry and obtain important information and tools to help take Ralf the Destroyer to the next level.

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Updates update

Just a quick note to readers: It was my intention to start updating Ralf the Destroyer this week but due to a pretty destructive storm here in Connecticut I have not had any electricity since Saturday night (six days). The power has now returned and new Ralf strips will again resume on the original “Monday, Wednesday, Friday” schedule.

Thanks for your patience and support.

Ralf at Baltimore

Ralf the Destroyer will be at Baltimore this year! After attending last year, on the advice of many who encouraged it, we will be returning to what looks like an even bigger show this year.

If you are going to be in the Baltimore vicinity on August 20th-21st, be sure to stop by the Ralf the Destroyer booth! We’ll have mini comics, softcover books, sketch cards, original art and will be taking commissions. Hope we see you there!

Guesting at Wizard Philadelphia

The Wizard con in Philadelphia is fast approaching and I am a guest! I will be attending the Philadelphia Comic Con June 17-18-19, 2011 Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. I am particularly jazzed since they have quite the guest list there, which now includes me too! Now not only is that cool but Wizard has also invited me to be a guest at the New England Comic Con running later this year in September (17-18, 2011 Saturday and Sunday) at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston MA.

If any readers are attending these conventions please be sure to stop by and say hello! I will have original art on display and for sale along with the new book and mini comic. Not only that, but it’s just cool to meet the people who enjoy making Ralf the Destroyer a part of their week. Hope I see you there!

( and a special thanks to Stephen Shamus for inviting me 😀 )

Norman Rockwell Museum

Here’s a little write up about what’s going on at the Norman Rockwell Museum this summer. The reason I mention it is that I will be teaching some classes about the principals of animation and cartooning there. I certainly feel blessed to be a part of any program the Norman Rockwell Museum would present and it is my hope to inspire those who sign up to be a part of it too.

Ralf on Indy Planet

I have just been informed by Ka-Blam that the 164pg soft cover book “Ralf the Destroyer – Am I There Yet?” is now available on Indy Planet and Comics Monkey!

This is good news for those of you who enjoy reading from real paperback books now and then, just click on the cover image to the left and you will be able to order a copy even if you can not make it to one of the Con’s we’ll be attending this year. If you happen to be a “brick and mortar” comics shop, good news for you as well. The “Am I There Yet” collection is available on Comics Monkey which caters to comic book shops.

A digital version is not yet available, but I will be working on that as I attempt to spruce up my shop page. I will (of course) still be making these print versions and the mini comic available at cons. So be sure to stop by and say hello if I’m attending at one in your area!

Pittsburgh Comic Con

Next weekend is the Pittsburgh Comic Con and for me it’s the first show of the year! This will be the launch of the Ralf the Destroyer booth 2.0. We’ll be sporting a new banner, table layout, soft cover books, manga sized comic books, original comic strip art and possibly some sketch cards.

Show Dates & Times
April 15, 16 & 17, 2011
Fri 1:00pm – 7:00pm
Sat 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sun 10:00am – 5:00pm

If you plan on attending, be sure to stop by and say “hello”. We will be set up in the small press area at booth SO45. Hope we see you there!

Ralf on Indy Planet

I just got the message yesterday from Ka-Blam that the first, print version, of Ralf the Destroyer is now available on Indy Planet.

For those who have won a copy or purchased one at ConnectiCon or the Baltimore Comic Con, this is the same issue #1 with a new cover, it’s just now available online for purchase for those who are not able to make the conventions. So if you would like to read the comic book but prefer the feel of paper in your hand be sure to stop on over at Indy Planet and pick up an issue!

Looks like my next project is getting the digital and print books onto my store page. Thank you all for reading!

Ralf the Destroyer Digital Download

Ralf the Destroyer #1 is now available for digital download on The Illustrated Section website! The look of the site is clean and classy and features a number of sci-fi creator owned comics (many of whom are linked on my Other Cool Comics list in the left column) and graphic novels in digital pdf form. The site is the creation of Dani Jones who writes and illustrates My Sister the Freak.

So anyone who may not have a chance to see me at a comic con this is an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge of Ralf’s universe! For those of you who still prefer a hard copy (but cannot make it to a convention) the mini comic book will soon be available on Indy Planet. An announcement will be forthcoming when it is available.

Guest Appearances at Wizard!

Well, it’s official! I am a guest! I will be attending the Philadelphia Comic Con June 17-18-19, 2011 Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. I am particularly jazzed since they have quite the guest list there, which now includes me too! Now not only is that cool but Wizard has also invited me to be a guest at the New England Comic Con running September 17-18, 2011 Saturday and Sunday at the Hynes Convention Center (Boston).

If any readers are attending these conventions please be sure to stop by and say hello! I will have original art on display and for sale along with the new book and mini comic. Not only that, but it’s just cool to meet the people who enjoy making Ralf the Destroyer a part of their week. Hope I see you there!

( and a special thanks to Stephen Shamus for inviting me 😀 )

Print & Digital Books

Amongst the many projects I am preparing for I’ve also been trying to put together a book featuring the first year’s worth of Ralf the Destroyer comic strips from the web (preview to the left). All together it will likely be a 160 page soft cover book in Manga digest dimensions (5″ x 7.5″).

So this will be the new thing I’ll be show casing at the Comic Cons I’m attending this year in addition to the first issue mini comic (24 pgs) I had on display last year. The mini comic will have a new cover (see left also) and I’m looking into having Ka-Blam do the printing, it all looks promising so far. If all goes well I’ll be doing this from an updated Ralf the Destroyer booth (2.0).

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Merry Christmas to All!

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope this time of rest and celebration goes well for you. For those few who are still surfing the web these holidays, I will be taking a two week sabbatical, so Ralf the Destroyer shall resume regular updates on January 5th.

It’s a great time to go back through the archives and discover any over looked clues and story points… or spend time with your family (if you’re into that sort of thing).

See you all in the New Year!

The Results Are In!

Hey everyone the results from the Ralf the Destroyer Anniversary Contest are in! Anyone who commented on the Ralf the Destroyer .com site over the last year was automatically entered (with one ticket per comment).

Winners will be contacted by email and only their screen names will be used here. Without further delay, the winners are:

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One Year of Ralf the Destroyer!

Today, November 16th 2010, marks the one year anniversary of continuously updated Ralf the Destroyer comic strips on this web site. To date that racks up 161 comic strips (mostly dailies and few Sundays). It’s not yet enough to publish a collection (which would be an awesome way to celebrate) but I think it’s a fine start.

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RSS news

Just to let everyone know, I have updated the Ralf the Destroyer RSS feed. I have for some time been receiving no data concerning the use of the RSS feed.

To rectify this issue I signed up on Feedburner to get a little bit more analytic information. The down side is that the RSS feed address has changed, so if you did subscribe to the RSS feed and are encountering some trouble, you may have to refresh or re-subscribe with the new feed address. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Veteran’s Day

Today, also known as Armistice Day, we remember those who served their country on the field of battle to preserve the freedoms we so often take for granted.
While I have no comic strip (at this time) to commemorate this occasion, I would still like remember two of my grandfathers each of whom fought in the opposite theaters of WW2. In the Pacific my Grandfather worked aboard a Catalina flying boat patrol aircraft. My other Grandfather carried a bazooka to clear out machine gun nests in The Battle of the Bulge. His story in particular resonated with me, for he never got a night’s sleep in peace without the memories of that battle.

But today we can all afford remembrance for those both living, fallen and the families there-of who offered more than courage… they offered their lives. Since this is the very definition of the highest expression of love, I humbly offer my highest respect and appreciation.

Year One Approaches

I was reminded by my wife the other day that the One Year Anniversary of Ralf the Destroyer is fast approaching. November 16th 2009 was the official first strip on this web site and has been continuously updating each week. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about it just yet, but I have just under two weeks to think of something.

I would also like to thank all the readers who have been following Ralf the Destroyer for this past year and all the new readers, who have started following Ralf’s adventures, and contributed to its growing audience.

Baltimore Comic Con

I just received my table confirmation at the Baltimore Comic Con. A quick trip over to the Con site (click image to go there) confirmed that I am indeed listed in Artist Alley, Woohoo! I’ll be displaying original strips, selling my first issue mini comic and generally promoting Ralf the Destroyer during the show, August 28th and 29th. So if you are planning on attending the Baltimore Comic Con, please come on over and visit me in Artist Alley!

UPDATE 2010-08-20: I just received my table assignment at Baltimore! If you are attending the Con you will find me at table #A28


I am beginning the process of transcribing all of the comics on the Ralf the Destroyer site. I’ve hear other web cartoonists using it to better catalog their collections but also saw something that implied that WordPress/Comicpress transcripts allow for language translation (which I find an intriguing prospect).

While it may take me a little time to work my way back through my archives I feel it’s a better now than later situation. If you have any thoughts or experience in using transcripts with-in Worpress/Comicpress, let me know what you think.

ConnectiCon 2010, Postscript

Well, I got back from ConnectiCon and WOW! It was a great show with major Cos-play going on there. I’ve been to the New York Comic Con and this one actually had two to three times as many costumes in a much smaller convention (at the very least per density).

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ConnectiCon 2010

So I was aware of ConnectiCon a few years ago and thought, “Great! A local Comic Con!” I was then told that the main focus was on Manga and Anime and not to bother. Well, I do like doing things people tell me NOT to do, but I was busy looking for work and such at the time so I never got a chance. With the launch of Ralf the Destroyer I find myself looking into the idea of Comic Conventions once again.

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Sketch Maven Interview

Well, in addition to my Comics Buyers Guide write up I was asked by Sketch Maven to do an interview for their Artist Profile.

My favorite part (besides just being asked) was on their front page…

“Scott Lincoln, the cartoonist of one of the funniest webcomics, Ralf the Destroyer…”

I didn’t even have to pay them to say that!

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CBG #1667 is Out!

I just spent my day on a whirlwind road trip to local comic book haunts to pick up the current (July) issue of Comics Buyer’s Guide #1667. Why do such a thing? Well, because this very web comic gleaned a write-up in Kris Manty’s column Alien Invaders from the Internet in this very issue!

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Comic Buyer’s Guide

It has been confirmed that my comic Ralf the Destroyer has a write-up in the Webcomics review section of the July (#1667) issue of Comic Buyers Guide (page 51).

I just recently received the PDF sample from columnist Kris Manty, which included the article “Alien Invaders on the Internet” introducing Ralf the Destroyer (as one of three webcomics) to the Comic Buyer’s Guide audience. Make sure you grab a copy when they’re out, I know I will! 😀

Ghost House Arrives

On a slightly different topic, I received my copies of Ghost House in the mail yesterday. Ghost House is a Graphic Novel project I did last year for Rubicon Books’ (award winning) BOLDPRINT Series.

BOLDPRINT Graphic Novels are leveled using an extensive list of criteria, allowing teachers to address each individual’s reading abilities. Ghost House was written by Jayn Arnold and Glen Downey and illustrated by Scott Lincoln and is aimed at 4th grade readers.

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Ralf the Destroyer Wallpaper

For all of those out there who have been thinking they need to change their desktop wallpaper, you’re in luck! I managed to upload the very same wallpaper I put on my computer featuring Ralf the Destroyer on Webcomic Best of all it’s free!

Yes, even though the purpose of that site is to raise support for hungry cartoonists (honestly, how much soup can one person eat?) I chose to make this first offering a freebie for you guys because I appreciate your readership. It comes formatted in several sizes and no strings attached, so go ahead and download a copy for yourself!

Coyote Trax’s Review

Hearing that you’re about to be reviewed often stirs a mix of emotions that swirl around “Yea! Someone noticed!” to “Oh no! Someone noticed!”. Fortunately I knew with a Coyote Trax’s review, it would be highly entertaining either way. I have perused the site before and found it to be generally an encouraging and very lyrical read. While not every review is favorable, it is for the most part a very positively written blog which translates into light hearted and enjoyable to read. This just is an expression of someone who genuinely loves the medium of comics and good sequential story telling.

Well, I was informed by Coyote Trax that Ralf the Destroyer would be on the Tuesday Choice review. I was a bit surprised to garnish a review since my strip is pretty new to the scene. I wasn’t terribly worried about a scathing review since Coyote Trax has historically been fair and balanced and I consider this no exception. I encourage everyone to head on over to the site and have a look at The Tuesday Choice – Ralf the Destroyer review.

Webcomic-Z List

Woohoo! In today’s news, Ralf the Destroyer breaks the Top 100 on Webcomic-Z’s list January 12th 2010 coming in at #97. I think Webcomic-Z uses a combination of stats and votes to rank web comics on their list. So I’d like to thank all the voters and return visitors. I hope Ralf the Destroyer continues to grow and entertain you.

Ashcan Project

I’m finishing up a side project tentatively called “Ralf the Destroyer: Chronicles of Xyo” Issue #1, it’s a black and white, ashcan comic book (about 8″x 5″) with (hopefully) a color cover.

When I started developing the story of Ralf I wanted to make sure I had enough material to keep up with daily syndication for about 11 years, a daunting task. The reason for this was from Lee Nordling’s book Your Career in Comics where there was a quote saying that comics didn’t become profitable until this point. That was many moons ago and it seems now a days a five year contract is the norm with syndicates and 10 years is more like the life span of many newer comics rather than their jump off point.

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Project Wonderful

In the spirit of the season, I’ve added Project Wonderful ad boxes to the site. Well, actually it had little to do with the season and more to do with me just rounding the corner on their minimum requirements. Anyone interested in advertising, keep in mind this is an all ages site but the bidding starts at zero. So it balances out. Just click on the links to the right and Project Wonderful will set you up! Thanks guys!

Video Trailer

Hey there! Just posted a promotional video trailer to the “About the Comic” page (see link in top nav bar) for anyone who hasn’t seen it. I made this a few years back when I was using Flash 8 and had just started shopping my comic around the syndicates. I purchased a great sound track for it (which totally makes the video) from a royalty free music site called Shockwave Sound, so make sure your speakers are turned up!

Character Page

I just added a character page (see top menu bar) on today. Initially I wasn’t going to post it since it’s still so early in the strip and many of the characters have not yet been introduced. There’s a bit of info about the bigger picture part of the story-line, so I guess this is a bit of a preview if you’d like something to look forward to.

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Starting Monday…

Okay, looks like I’m set to start posting Monday the 16th three times a week. I picked up some ad space at Project Wonderful so hopefully that will generate some traffic as well.

For any new comers, Ralf the Destroyer is an all ages strip I developed for daily syndication (a long road I’m still traveling) after assisting on Nancy for 6 years. To that end it is created entirely by hand (no vector lines, no fonts etc) just india ink on bristol board. It is a labor of love and I hope that comes through the artwork.

All Moved in…

Okay, well I’m all moved in to a new (and hopefully more stable) hosting server. Now I just gotta go through the site and make sure the brand new version of WordPress is playing nicely with the brand new version of Comicpress and Comicpress Manager… and get the site (css) looking the way it should… and restart the strip… okay, I’ve got a bit of work to do. It is moving forward though, so I hope you all will continue to check in as I get this strip off the ground in one way or another… Thanks for your support!