Opportunity Knocked, It Needed Color

So, here’s what has been going on…

I have been working with the good folks at the Ink Bottle Syndicate to get Ralf the Destroyer into newspapers. This has turned out to be an epic project (by epic, I mean it’s taken many years). My hope is that 2015 will be the year Ralf gets out of the “gate” because… I really need the strip to turn the corner on making an income and I truly believe it can really take off if it can see newsprint.

The Washington Post Writer’s Group has developed an App that will create a customized comics page for online newspapers. They were looking for material and Ralf the Destroyer was high on the list of choices. This would be a paying gig, but significantly less than physical newspapers. Many online papers have a print version as well so one could lead to the other. I am still in waiting as to when it will actually begin to publish.

Either of these situations would have been monumental tasks to initiate, alone, but they were in parallel and required color content as well. I’m told “color sells”, often and repeatedly. Fortunately, I’ve been unemployed since Christmas! <– That would be sarcasm. However, the upside for readers (old and new) would be that many strips online are being replaced with color. It’s not fancy George Sellas color… it’s just plain newspaper color, but color none-the-less and I will be adding more as I go. So be sure to go back and check ’em out.

Even though I’m dreadful with social media, I will be ramping up my Facebook Fan Page posts a bit more by posting the color strips and an occasional post card. Those of you who follow me on Facebook please do me a “solid”, if you see something you like, “like it” but, also share it. “Share”s get Ralf in front of people who have yet to discover his story, it helps tremendously. If you’re feeling really ambitious, supportive and want to bring joy to my heart, be sure to visit my Patreon page and consider being a patron of the arts, because every little bit really does count for a lot.

Thanks for reading and your continued support, Scott Lincoln

7 thoughts on “Opportunity Knocked, It Needed Color

  1. Fingers crossed for both endeavors.

  2. I’m really not a big fan of color -I’d like the option to have both B+W and Color versions! Can’t we still have the archive full of the black and white versions on this site? (Plus the new ones!)

    It’s just my preferred choice; I’d rather have one colored comic a week, like a title-page or a Sunday comic, than all the comics colored.

    1. I like the black and white too, I always liked the way the newspaper comics ran traditionally. If I could set up both I would, but my site is old and it would take a lot to update it (maybe in the future). I also can’t fight city hall (unless you’re Batman), so color it is (at least for the older ones as I color them) and I need to drum up more readers which means Facebook, which means color.

      1. So what? You’re the artist, and if you’re not happy, your comic will suffer!

        You should keep the black and white in the archives. Put the comics on Facebook STARTING with a color comic; that’ll grab their attention. Keep putting out one color comic a week to keep them interested.

        If you don’t set strict rules for this immediately, you’ll be pushed around by every publisher who offers to feature your stuff!!! And that’ll totally ruin your work!

  3. Mini, One has to bow down to publisher’s guidelines to get a foot in the door. After there is a great public demand, the artist can then have more or absolute say in the end product. If an artists starts out resistant, publishers are not going to want to work with them and word passes from one to another keeping an artist from attaining their goals.

    1. I never said not to compromise a little, but you can’t sacrifice the good stuff just to appease some publisher! It’ll kill the work you created.

  4. Well, if he doesn’t start publishing someone on the web while waiting he’s going to lose the readers he has. This hasn’t been updated in 2 months now.

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