Ralf Dot Com on GoDaddy

Well the good news is that the “Save Ralf the Destroyer (dot) com” art sale achieved its primary goal of raising enough money to keep the hosting plan for the site!

I would like to sincerely thank those who purchased art and those who donated as well. I realize that times are difficult for everyone and that this campaign was pretty short on notice, so I very much appreciate those who were quick to help out. The strips should be arriving soon for those who took advantage of the sale and for those who donated, I have sent a small token of my appreciation.

I apologize to the GoComics/Sherpa readers for not being able to renew my account there yet. I still have utilities that need addressing first, but I haven’t forgotten you.

Lastly, for those who are still interested in purchasing an original please contact me by email and for those wishing to donate the Paypal button is available in the left column.

Thank you for your support! Scott Lincoln

One thought on “Ralf Dot Com on GoDaddy

  1. Your gift for my donation was a pleasant surprise.
    Thank you.

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