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I’m having a limited time art sale! I need to raise some capitol to keep the site up and buy food and heating oil as this past summer has proven to be more economically depressed than I expected. GoDaddy needs their hosting fee by October 1st and I have run out of money.

So I am offering original Ralf the Destroyer Daily strip art (usually $80 – $100) for the insanely low price of $50.00! The transactions will be through Paypal. You can either hit the donate button and put the name and date of the strip in the “message” field along with your mailing address or contact me via email ( and then use the button.

Additionally, I would be happy to create commissioned pieces of inked single characters of your choice (not just mine, but keep it clean) on 8″x 11″ board for $25 or any two characters on an 11″x 17″ board for $40.

If you want to just donate like some readers have done in the past, just go straight to the “donate” button in the left column, every little bit helps. My options are limited and so is the time, after October 1st it’s all over.

As always, thank you for your readership and support!



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  1. Just a quick testimonial. If any one is on the fence about purchasing one(or more) of Scott’s original strips they are well worth the money even at regular price! I own a couple and his art is fantastic!

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