Live Interview w/ Tom Racine

If you missed it, here’s an interview I did with Tom Racine during an all day live broadcast marathon for the Tall Tale Radio, Indiegogo fundraising campaign. Tom was a very lively and enthusiastic host and made the whole experience quite enjoyable.

And you can find Tall Tale Radio at:

5 thoughts on “Live Interview w/ Tom Racine

  1. Well, Ralf. That MIGHT be scary too!

  2. Love the Hawaiian shirt!

  3. Nice interview. Hope there will be more in the future.

  4. I enjoyed the interview. Ralf is a terrific strip, better than many that are syndicated. What can be done to get it out there on a bigger platform?

    1. Thanks Bob! It was fun to do. As for the bigger platform, I’ve been working on that for a while… but a potential past avenue may be opening up again (provided I survive long enough to see it through).

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