Opportunity Knocked, It Needed Color

So, here’s what has been going on…

I have been working with the good folks at the Ink Bottle Syndicate to get Ralf the Destroyer into newspapers. This has turned out to be an epic project (by epic, I mean it’s taken many years). My hope is that 2015 will be the year Ralf gets out of the “gate” because… I really need the strip to turn the corner on making an income and I truly believe it can really take off if it can see newsprint.

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Must Read for 2014

Although I announced this on our Facebook page, Ralf the Destroyer made into the “Best Webcomics to Follow in 2014” list over at the website “The 100 Best Graphic Novels“. This site’s goal is to help old and new graphic novel fans to find something to new to read. Currently,  listing the top 100 graphic novels of all time as a good starting point. There are also weekly reviews and recommendations based on what the author reading at the time.

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TGT Media Tournament Round 3

At first glance it appeared that Ralf had made it into the semi-finals, but there were actually three rounds before that.

I am super happy that so many showed up to vote for the second round! This round (3rd) I’m up against Robin Dempsey who does “LeyLines“. She is a fine artist, storyteller and member of Webcomics Alliance crew who are (from my experience) fine group of artists.

Never the less, I still would love to see how far Ralf the Destroyer can go and your votes are what make he difference! Please be sure to stop over at TGT Media and cast your vote for Ralf the Destroyer in Bracket 2 (no less)!

Thanks for our continued support!

TGT Tournament

Every year, specifically August 8th, is TGT Media’s Birthday!

To celebrate this day, a special yearly Tournament is held where the past fifty episodes battle it out for bragging rights, cross-promotion and other prizes.

This year’s Tournament has my interview about “Ralf the Destroyer” in it.

Our interview is in Bracket 4 (or fourth down the list).

Readers can vote every hour. Round 1 ends on August 9th 11:59PM.
If we have the most votes in our bracket we will move onto the next round.

The main prize is we will have top priority for next year’s TGT Media interview list at your schedule/convenience.
Other prizes may follow as the month goes on.

Ralf can always use whatever exposure can be mustered, so be sure to vote by clicking the link!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow, so I will be taking a few days off. I’m sure that most of you readers will be preparing for, and heading out, to spend time with your families (that’s as it should be). I am very thankful for your continued support as readers, for monetary donations through Paypal and for donated art supplies through Blick Art Materials. Ralf the Destroyer updates will resume on Monday the 26th and I hope you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Sincerely, Scott Lincoln

P.S.: Don’t worry about the giant orbital death ray platform, known as the Gothra… Ralf left with the “safety” on.