ConnectiCon 2010, Postscript

Well, I got back from ConnectiCon and WOW! It was a great show with major Cos-play going on there. I’ve been to the New York Comic Con and this one actually had two to three times as many costumes in a much smaller convention (at the very least per density).

In spite of getting a table at the absolute LAST moment possible the staff helped me to find a spot to set up my meager display for Ralf the Destroyer. They were very accommodating and extended me a great deal of help. My wife and I managed to print our own comic books (with color cover and real newsprint inside) each night before the show. I was mostly in “promotion mode” but was really pleased with the enthusiastic reaction the strip generated as well as the comic book. I handed out a ton of web address cards and sold quite a few comic books.

I met some great folks there, like Michael of That Monkey Tune fame, Rob of Webcomics Community Forum, Mat and Steve from Free Lunch Studios and Blake of The Others LOST Band, Heather and Kate of Cyber Gen 2027… (there are more but I need promotional material with notes to help my memory, LOL).

Anyhoo, it was a very positive experience and I am really looking forward to the next con I am able to attend (I’ve got my eye on the Baltimore Comic Con at the end this August). Hopefully I can get the Ralf the Destroyer table 2.0 together real soon (as this was a meager presentation at best, I had a week to prepare… oy) 😀

3 thoughts on “ConnectiCon 2010, Postscript

  1. Where can I get one of those sweet comic books?

    1. I may be making the rest of that particular run available for purchase on this site in the near future. There is a limited supply though.

  2. How limited is the supply?

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