ConnectiCon 2010

So I was aware of ConnectiCon a few years ago and thought, “Great! A local Comic Con!” I was then told that the main focus was on Manga and Anime and not to bother. Well, I do like doing things people tell me NOT to do, but I was busy looking for work and such at the time so I never got a chance. With the launch of Ralf the Destroyer I find myself looking into the idea of Comic Conventions once again.

Rob Tracy of the “Webcomics Community” forum brought up a great opportunity to attend the New York Comic Con at Javit’s Center, but it fell through at the last minute (no fault of his). It was a bummer, but Rob mentioned that ConnectiCon was very web comic friendly and I should attend. Rob seemed like a trustworthy fellow (in the know) so I investigated the ConnectiCon site.

It looked like all the Artist Colony spaces were taken up, but I put in for the waiting list to see if I could get in and just last week I found out spots were available. I purchased my three day membership, but it looks like I need to have it manually upgraded to Artist Colony. I haven’t heard of any confirmation yet, but I’m hoping it all went through. This was all very last minute and I am scurrying to get some things thrown together for the show. This will be my first bout with a Comic Con unattended, so hopefully I won’t freak out too badly.

Either way I have a pass and will be attending and seeing what other artists are up to and trying to promote Ralf the Destroyer, I would just prefer it if I actually got 3′ of table.

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