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Amongst the many projects I am preparing for I’ve also been trying to put together a book featuring the first year’s worth of Ralf the Destroyer comic strips from the web (preview to the left). All together it will likely be a 160 page soft cover book in Manga digest dimensions (5″ x 7.5″).

So this will be the new thing I’ll be show casing at the Comic Cons I’m attending this year in addition to the first issue mini comic (24 pgs) I had on display last year. The mini comic will have a new cover (see left also) and I’m looking into having Ka-Blam do the printing, it all looks promising so far. If all goes well I’ll be doing this from an updated Ralf the Destroyer booth (2.0).

I’m making efforts to attend the Pittsburg Comic Con (which I may have a sponsor for, more on that later when it’s all set) and return to the Baltimore Comic Con. Since I’m based in Connecticut I’m only attending Cons I can drive to, but I’m looking to see what looks good for Ralf the Destroyer. I’m not sure what cons you guys might attend, but I’m open to suggestions.

Also I’ve been considering offering both the book and mini comic in digital form from this site so I have a couple of questions for you the readers:, Do many of you use e-readers or like downloaded versions? If so, what formats do you prefer, pdf, cbz, epub, mobi? I’d love to hear what all of you think about these subjects, so please feel free to comment.

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