Ghost House on iTunes

So a few years ago I did a targeted reading level graphic novel for Rubicon Publishing in Canada, they provide content to educational book outlets and schools etc… So I’m looking for a finished cover which I don’t have to scan (since I just have the illustration files) to pad my portfolio and I stumble onto a link that says, “Ghost House on iTunes”.

Well it looks like the Skyreader part of the company is publishing their books as learn to read apps/iBooks on iTunes in February. So if you’re a fan of my art and you have kids and an iPad, you might want to check it out! Also, at the time of the writing there aren’t any comments on the iBook/app page, so it would be awesome if someone left some good feedback there and happened to mention the artist as well 😉

Ghost House Arrives

On a slightly different topic, I received my copies of Ghost House in the mail yesterday. Ghost House is a Graphic Novel project I did last year for Rubicon Books’ (award winning) BOLDPRINT Series.

BOLDPRINT Graphic Novels are leveled using an extensive list of criteria, allowing teachers to address each individual’s reading abilities. Ghost House was written by Jayn Arnold and Glen Downey and illustrated by Scott Lincoln and is aimed at 4th grade readers.

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