Veteran’s Day

Today, also known as Armistice Day, we remember those who served their country on the field of battle to preserve the freedoms we so often take for granted.
While I have no comic strip (at this time) to commemorate this occasion, I would still like remember two of my grandfathers each of whom fought in the opposite theaters of WW2. In the Pacific my Grandfather worked aboard a Catalina flying boat patrol aircraft. My other Grandfather carried a bazooka to clear out machine gun nests in The Battle of the Bulge. His story in particular resonated with me, for he never got a night’s sleep in peace without the memories of that battle.

But today we can all afford remembrance for those both living, fallen and the families there-of who offered more than courage… they offered their lives. Since this is the very definition of the highest expression of love, I humbly offer my highest respect and appreciation.