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Hearing that you’re about to be reviewed often stirs a mix of emotions that swirl around “Yea! Someone noticed!” to “Oh no! Someone noticed!”. Fortunately I knew with a Coyote Trax’s review, it would be highly entertaining either way. I have perused the site before and found it to be generally an encouraging and very lyrical read. While not every review is favorable, it is for the most part a very positively written blog which translates into light hearted and enjoyable to read. This just is an expression of someone who genuinely loves the medium of comics and good sequential story telling.

Well, I was informed by Coyote Trax that Ralf the Destroyer would be on the Tuesday Choice review. I was a bit surprised to garnish a review since my strip is pretty new to the scene. I wasn’t terribly worried about a scathing review since Coyote Trax has historically been fair and balanced and I consider this no exception. I encourage everyone to head on over to the site and have a look at The Tuesday Choice – Ralf the Destroyer review.

2 thoughts on “Coyote Trax’s Review

  1. An overall fine review. I wish the pace and “action” of Ralf moved a little faster only because I look forward to see what happens next. If Dillyfan happened to be a friend of Mr. Lincolns, he would hope the comment would not offend.

    1. I have noticed that the rhythm of web comics is a bit different than that of a daily newspaper strip. Many web comics are set up like comic book stories and are finished in a fairly short period of time or in broken into chapters. This is unlike the newspaper strip which can often run for decades.

      I see your user name is a reference to the classic comic Mel Casson worked on. If Ralf the Destroyer were being published daily (as in a newspaper) the timing and rhythm would be quite a bit snappier. Six daily strips in the paper is one week, but on the web it’s typically two weeks to six weeks or even more.

      Coming from a newspaper background myself, I often consider the timing (so no offense taken). But I do think it is mostly those who read newspapers that sense the timing difference as opposed to those whose experience is mostly web oriented. I could be wrong, but it’s what I’m guessing.

      The other point is, I just want to have a good, strong foundation to build on since I plan on building quite a story on top of it 😉

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