RSS news

Just to let everyone know, I have updated the Ralf the Destroyer RSS feed. I have for some time been receiving no data concerning the use of the RSS feed.

To rectify this issue I signed up on Feedburner to get a little bit more analytic information. The down side is that the RSS feed address has changed, so if you did subscribe to the RSS feed and are encountering some trouble, you may have to refresh or re-subscribe with the new feed address. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Fan Page on Facebook

I’ve had a personal profile of Facebook for a while now, but I’ve finally decided to set up a fan page for Ralf the Destroyer. I discovered a couple of RSS plug-ins and added them to both the Profile and Fan pages. If you have a Facebook account I invite you to add the Ralf the Destroyer Fan Page to it, just click on the badge in the left sidebar. Regular updates should occur.