I am beginning the process of transcribing all of the comics on the Ralf the Destroyer site. I’ve hear other web cartoonists using it to better catalog their collections but also saw something that implied that WordPress/Comicpress transcripts allow for language translation (which I find an intriguing prospect).

While it may take me a little time to work my way back through my archives I feel it’s a better now than later situation. If you have any thoughts or experience in using transcripts with-in Worpress/Comicpress, let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “Transcripts

  1. Are you talking about machine translation? I don’t know much about WordPress/Comicpress, but machine translation is often not so good.

    For a while I have been considering taking up translating webcomics myself for fun. If you are interested, a short strip like this would be great to try. I can do Spanish and Chinese (though Chinese will likely take a bit longer and may require me to ask a lot of questions about meanings & pronunciations of your made-up alien words).

    1. I’m not sure yet if separate translations would require separate language sites or just modding this one, but the thought has crossed my mind so I’m just getting the hard copy down. If I do use Alien languages they would likely be phonetic and translated anyhow 🙂

    2. I was thinking more individual words, of course. I have an idea of how Xyoan is pronouced, for example, but I’d want to be sure before I tried to transliterate.

      I do see how there might be an issue when dealing with a translation of the site and maintenance, that might require a lot. Anyway, if you do decide you want some translation into languages I can handle, I’m willing to try.

    3. Cool, I ‘ll keep you in mind if I do. BTW: Xyoan is pronounced “Zee-yoh-an” 😉

  2. If you’re simply talking about transcripts in ComicPress/WordPress in general, I’ve found having transcripts very valuable in terms of attracting search engine traffic (although only about 10% of that traffic is composed of real people).

    1. I have heard that about transcripts as well and it is a factor in my wanting to use them. Since I’m on the inside of the one year mark, I cannot afford to over look any traffic generating device 😉

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