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While I’m sure everyone would prefer a comic update, the Ralf the Destroyer Site has been long over due for its own update. Many have been quick (but polite) to point out the navigation issues that were affecting the reading experience. I have managed to update the site to a newer version of Comicpress and that seems to have resolved the navigation problems as far as I can tell.

Of course now the site is pretty disheveled, so there will need to be some work cleaning up the design. I am by no means a professional webmaster, so my brain is fried just getting me to this point. However, I do know more needs to be done to get it to a more polished state. If anyone has recommendations about how to spiffy up the layout, please comment (my wife has already let me know the side bars are unreadable). On the other side of the coin, please let me know if and/or what you do like as well.  I look forward to hearing from you.

7 thoughts on “Site Update

  1. I like the look (the sidebars are a bit long).
    Oh, and the green text in the comments is unreadable while typing (which I didn’t notice until I typed this comment ;).

    1. Ah yes, good call there with the green text in the comment field, missed that myself. Glad you like the over all look. Some things are not what I would have chosen for color, mainly because my CSS skills are limited and it takes me a while to figure things out.

      There will be a new comic post on Friday for those who were wondering.

      Thanks for commenting Nexus, I probably wouldn’t have seen that for a while.

      Update: Fixed the comment field, it is now legible.

  2. Why are my post boxes white on the index page on Safari but not any other page or in Fire fox? I didn’t even change anything, all content should have a black background. I can only imagine how it looks in Explorer… Oy.

    Let me know what browser you guys are using too.

  3. I’m on Explorer, box is white, comment font is black. I still can’t spell.

    As an fossil from the mid 1900’s I have been content enough with your efforts and quite enjoy the story and the drawing. Just keep Ralf clear of angry hummingbirds, I think Rubens are the bossy ones, or is it just a fine sandwich?

    1. Well a Ruben IS a fine sandwch 😉
      Thanks for the comment and encouragement!

  4. On my screen with a height of 1200 pixel the background picture is shorter than the window. Below is a white area which contrasts to the rest of the site – maybe you could define a background color more similar to the background picture?

    BTW thanks for the comic. It’s really a nice to read everytime.

    1. Thanks Reader for the note and the kind words! I’ll change the background color and see about stretching the image to fit better.

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