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I was able to attend the Pittsburgh Comic Con and found myself making a brief appearance on “The Chris Yambar Show”. Chris is the creator of “Mr.Beat” and the writer of numerous comics including “The Simpsons” comics.

I met Chris last year at the same convention and was immediately impressed and entertained by his presence (which is to say I was eavesdropping).  He soon visited our booth and purchased the first Ralf the Destroyer book “Am I There Yet?“. When I saw him again this year he had nothing but entirely gracious things to say about it. Since the next Ralf volume (“Friend or Faux”) is in the chute, my wife had suggested having a forward. Fast forward to the convention and hearing Chris’ lyrical enthusiasm we decided he was the right man for the job, so I asked if he would and he heartily agreed. I laughed and was humbled upon reading it and would like to share that Forward with my online audience before the new book is finalized:

Now let’s get one thing straight: I know a lot about space aliens! In addition to following them in comics and pulp literature for decades, I’ve seen just about every documentary, heard every radio broadcast and slept through every motion picture on the subject. I’ve been to family reunions, eaten their cereals and even dated one in high school (she was out of this world!).
In my X-File opinion, Scott Lincoln’s RALF THE DESTROYER is all the hardcase proof we need that there is intelligent life out there! RALF is well-crafted, well-drafted and worthy of any sci-fan’s bookshelf collection. Unlike other characters in the little green invaders category, RALF won’t get a chance to become a dusty ancient astronaut relic. You’ll want to read it over and over again! Smart, fun and adventurous with just a pinch of cute. OK – Two pinches.
The only backside probe you’ll ever feel is your hand digging for your wallet in order to buy the latest collected edition.

Bart Simpson Comics / Mr.Beat

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  1. Sooooooo………….???????????? When will the next book be out?

    1. I just got a rough copy when we returned from Pittsburgh. I’m in the process of editing it (among other projects when I get a chance). I think it’ll be done in June and definitely before the next convention. I’ve got some work to do yet on an RPG so first things first.

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