TGT Media Tournament Round 3

At first glance it appeared that Ralf had made it into the semi-finals, but there were actually three rounds before that.

I am super happy that so many showed up to vote for the second round! This round (3rd) I’m up against Robin Dempsey who does “LeyLines“. She is a fine artist, storyteller and member of Webcomics Alliance crew who are (from my experience) fine group of artists.

Never the less, I still would love to see how far Ralf the Destroyer can go and your votes are what make he difference! Please be sure to stop over at TGT Media and cast your vote for Ralf the Destroyer in Bracket 2 (no less)!

Thanks for our continued support!

2 thoughts on “TGT Media Tournament Round 3

  1. Sorry the Ralf didn’t get to go on.

  2. There’s never a Kaiser around when you need one.

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