Back from Baltimore

Baltimore was a great show with a ton more traffic than I remember from last year. Got a lot of promotion done by introducing Ralf to many new wonderful people and sold out of the mini comic by Sunday afternoon, as well as sold quite a few of the new “Am I There Yet?” book.

I was again blessed with good booth neighbors (Jeff Lonnette, Mike & Vince White) and my whole family had a good time there. It was nice to see Dawn Griffin (of “Zorphbert and Fred”), Chris Flick( of “Capes & Babes” ) and met Don Mathias (of (Peanizles”) in person at the show (some of you who frequent Comics Sherpa may know Don did the Ralf strip during the April Fools Switcheroo).

I was also pleased to meet and speak with Johanna Draper Carlson who did a nice write up of Ralf on “Comics Worth Reading”. It was also great to meet and speak with John Gallagher of “Buzzboy Comics” (and the emerging “Comics Jukebox” all-ages comic app for iPad), as well as Harold Buchholz and Rich Faber, who does some very impressive inking.

This year, we got to take in a few of the sights, which added to the experience (which is nice). Overall, a great show which may hold some even better news down the line. I’m looking forward to next year already!

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