Is it Ralf on pulp or is it Memorex? Hey I just figured out the coloring effect that I like for Ralf the Destroyer. Everyone knows that Ralf the Destroyer was designed for newspapers, which is why I and many readers seem to prefer Black and white vs color. However, I am a huge fan of newsprint and I even like the effect it has on color comics.

This is the undithered version.

I found some Photoshop tricks that let me convert my color files to a pretty authentic pulp look. I’m not sure when I might use it but I thought I’d run it by you (the readers) to see what you thought of it. Just click the thumbnail to see the full size image. Maybe I’ll use it for the Sunday strips in the future, please comment and let me know if you think it looks cool or if it’s not your cup of tea.

These are for comparison.

11 thoughts on “Newsprint

  1. Hm. At newsprint size it’d look good, but at webcomic size (especially on bigger monitors) the dithering is a bit coarse for my tastes. If you could use a slightly finer effect to suit larger sizes…? I think I’d like it then.

    1. Yeah, I was thinking that. I kind of like seeing the dither, but suspected it might be a tad coarse. Thanks for the input, Andy!

  2. I’m with Andy on this one. The old newspaper look is great, just needs a finer dither to look right on the computer screen. This size hurts my eyes a bit and distracts from the overall effect I believe you’re after.

    1. Yeah, I just gotta figure out the right setting for the size… I don’t want it so smooth I loose the dither, but I do want the line work to stand out. A softer color pallet might work too…

  3. I prefer the solid colors. If it is for newsprint, that is another matter. But the modern presses an ink
    handle solids and extremely fine screened pictures quite well.

    1. Thanks for the vote Lee! Which reminds me I should add the same image with-out dither…

  4. Wow that last example looks like it was clipped right from the Register Citizen. REALLY love the look.

  5. Use the “newsprint” look for color, but leave it normal for black and white. The “newsprint effect” seems to interrupt the prettyness of the black and white.

    1. If I can get the dither size right for most readers, that’s the way I’d like to go.

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