Just Eat It…

Seeing as I’m taking a brief timeout to finish a job, Deb Wolf has leaped into action. Deb is a fan on Facebook and and regaled us with links, in a comment discussion here on the site, to her rendition of the falling whale that so often graces many museums. Well, timely as usual, Deb had some gags about Ralf eating that were burning a hole in her pocket.

Deb is also busy working on a strip of her own called “The Frenetic Adventures of Fred Barlowe” over at Comic Genesis. I think she did a great job! And as a side note, there is always an open door to anyone itching to add something to the sightings gallery/section.

One thought on “Just Eat It…

  1. Oh the pain – first Monday without Ralf! Well done Deb for stepping in and making me chuckle anyway!

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