In spite of his mission, Ralf is always ready to help a friend out...

33 thoughts on “Freeing

  1. o.O Pinata ala Ralf?

  2. Heh, frame 2, Ralf give out the greatest wisdom possible! =^^=

  3. Lexi hit the nail on the head!

    And Ralf.

  4. Hopefully they’ll find the screw that came loose before he heals.

  5. I went back into your archive. Must say I love the black and white however the color gives it a new “fresh” look that is rather pleasing. I guess I’m neutral on the matter.

  6. Poor Ralf; three months is a long time to be hit on the head with a hammer!

  7. Hi Scott…

    Hope everythings okay matey?


    1. Thanks for asking, Eli. I put up a little update here.

  8. Ok, I give up. I checked this one everyday and it’s pretty obvious The artist has quit writing them after 5 months.

    1. Hey Lee,

      I didn’t quit writing, just the opposite. I have plenty of story to draw out, but as I mentioned in my post “Hiatus”… having a full time job, weekend work (or did) and freelance work to be finished at night leaves me little time to pursue a passion that requires three to four hours per strip.

      My goal has been to finish up my present freelance work so I will only have my day job to worry about and I can then use my off hours to create art again and still have time to spend with my family.

      I am hoping to get my schedule clear before Autumn is done and I hope you’ll check back in then as the story of Ralf is only just beginning.

      1. Great to hear you are still committed as Ralf is one of my faves – and I have three books that will be lonely without more to follow!

  9. Glad to hear you have not left Ralph in the hospital. Look forward to seeing what comes next as the snow flies.

  10. Hey Thar, Mr. Lincoln how about an update on the status at least?

    1. Yes, let us know that you are still proceeding and if poor Ralph will ever get out of his current jam.

  11. April 2nd 2016 looks like it will be the one year mark since any new stuff. I know Scott is a busy man hopefully some of the other projects free up soon so we can get back to the good stuff(Ralf!)

  12. So the Anniversary passed without a message from Scott. Sad really; for us. Perhaps it means good times for Scott himself?

  13. One year with no updates or word from the author is officially dead in my opinion. Goodbye Ralf. It was a pleasure reading you.

  14. The site is still up for now….maybe he has plans for the strip still???

  15. Anyone out there still checking in?

  16. RALF is dead, for Scott has killed him

  17. Scott,
    I see you’re up to November 26, 2012 with the colorizing. Looks good. Still in the game? back anytime soon?

  18. Scott is still alive and kicking , but when will Ralf be back??????

  19. Almost a year since the last status update – and over a year and a half since the last strip. At this rate if and when new strips resume nobody will remember a thing about the plot and characters…and I wonder how many can bring themselves to care.

    I’m a totally self-taught, barely competent amateur cartoonist who can only – with difficulty – manage to use Paint, but even I usually update my strip at least once a week.

  20. I’m still here…..
    I CARE!!!!!

    Scott! where are you?????

  21. 2 Years with almost no updates

  22. Ides of March and still no update.


    1. Well I can’t very well announce “resuming updates” on the 1st of April…

  24. Also still hoping for updates. Don’t give up on Ralf! Love your work!

    1. I am endevouring to justify that hope as I type this.

  25. Well, it took longer than I thought, but I’m getting my second wind. I am going to resume updating soon. In the meantime, I think got rid of that stupid Amoxicillin ad for now… or most of it.

  26. Hmm didn’t have a Ralf sighting maybe something better!!! A Scott sighting,

  27. A lot of people have commented that it has been two years without an update.
    The good news is that Ralf spent all that time in the hospital, so hopefully he used that time wisely and healed up nicely.
    This is only my third or fourth day knowing about this comic, so at least I didn’t have to wait so much.

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