Ralf the Destroyer on Sherpa

Today Ralf the Destroyer (Reloaded) is on Comics Sherpa at GoComics.com The strip is starting from the beginning and will update three days a week for the first few weeks and then move to update five times a week to eventually catch up to the current schedule.

If any readers have a GoComics account, I encourage you to favorite Ralf the Destroyer. There are a number of comics, that have managed to glean a syndication contract, that had their start on Comics Sherpa.

So adding some positive comments there like: “Why isn’t this strip syndicated?”, “how can I get this in my newspaper?”, can’t hurt either.

2 thoughts on “Ralf the Destroyer on Sherpa

  1. Scott,
    Myth Tickle also got its start with Comics Sherpa, so you’ll be in good company there. My Cage is also supposed to be added to GoComics if the artist ever gets their act together. I will look for your strip at Comics Sherpa.

    1. I have noticed a few comics gleaning a syndicate contract that had their start on a Sherpa account, definitely worth a shot. I met a few of the guys from GoComics at the New York Comic Con (2008) and they were very friendly and accommodating.

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