Lexi attempts to expect the unexpected...

8 thoughts on “Expected

  1. Heh, the box could be just plain empty and a ruse to throw Lexi off! =^^=

    1. This is Beth we’re talking of so… Yeah… I guess id could be…

  2. It’s a cake.
    Sugar beats logic every time, eh Spock?

    1. btw: LOVE the Lexi eyebrows!

  3. Maybe it´s the Spanish Inquisition.

    1. Hmm… I wonder how would they fit in that box… Maybe it’s a hammerspace…

      1. Beth: (places a diarama on the table)
        Lexi: “I didn…”
        door flies open, red clade men storm in!
        Man: “No one expects the Spanish Unquisition”

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