Hill And Dale

Unfortunately for Lexi, Ralf is a rolling stone...

0 thoughts on “Hill And Dale

  1. Living in SW Pa, I really appreciate this strip! =^^=

    The only thing even more entertaining than the roller-coaster ride of hilly terrain is start-stop traffic on a bike…

  2. I keep waiting for Dale to appear. . . .

  3. Ah… The days before we get our driver’s license.

  4. By the way, when was the siege of Kaiser’s garage lifted?

    1. The siege continued elsewhere, or so they thought – https://ralfthedestroyer.com/side-ways/

  5. I love the expressions on Lexi’s face as she goes up and down.

  6. I also like the banana seat on the bike. I didn’t know they still had those. Reminds of the olden days. . . .

  7. Speaking as a bi-polar myself, this strip made me laugh!

  8. Before slamming back down into the reality of posting, again… Stupid bi-polar-coasters!

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