Alterior Motive Repair

Ralf may be unaware of how rapidly things can get worse than they are...

5 thoughts on “Alterior Motive Repair

  1. hmm… can someone help me remember if Ralf as some kind of clooking device or other contraption that makes it that people don’t get tnat he is weird looking and aline like (alien as in E.T.) ? 🙂

    1. It was never mentioned, so maybe we are starting to veer into the Dilbert universe. Although I do find it funny when a story veers back and forth between “Nothing interesting over by the man with multiple extra appendages” to “Omgwth! He has tentacles! D:”

    2. It hasn’t been addressed directly, but there was a bit of discussion on it. It will be answered in the future, but it’s not a device (unless you count literary devices).

  2. 37 Deusenberg? He has one of those?!? >O.o<

    I can't wait to see what our tow truck operator has up his… uh … sleeve? =^^;

  3. is it that peopel just can’t wrap their minds around what they are seeing? i may reacll a youthful discussion or two?

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