Be Still My

Ralf is willing to try anything once...

16 thoughts on “Be Still My

  1. So in short, Ralf is always eating, like a vampire, sucking energy from everything around him! =^^=

    1. Not around him exactly, in a quantum state it can come from anywhere but in Ralf’s case it is coming from the quasar at the center of his home world Xyo. Funny thing about quasars… it appears they fly around the universe at the speed of light (or so some say).


  3. Well, at least she’s spared being invited round to his house for
    his Mom’s specialty, GRASH NOG IK (Slimeworms Au Natural) or
    something similar. Trust me, stick with Broccoli, girly. 🙂


  4. I bet the easiest way to say it is that he’s a plant -‘cept instead of absorbing sunlight, he absorbs quantum!

  5. Hey cool comic!

    1. Keep rock-in the comic!

  6. this is great stuff, Scott.


    1. Hey thanks for reading and the kind words Rolfe!

  7. His brain is probably semi-vestigial; it has just enough function to connect to the quantum energy in the quasar, where the real information processing happens.

    1. Well, in truth, his brain is something a little different… but I really like your train of thought! (someone’s been paying extra close attention!)

      Thank you!

  8. So, ah, any chance of an update any time soon?

    1. Actually, working on a few right now… probably be set to start updating again next Monday.

  9. Oh, good. It’s one of my favorites.

  10. vestigial –
    not to be confused with vegetable. . .

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