Canary To Popular Belief

At least Ralf doesn't have any hair...

4 thoughts on “Canary To Popular Belief

  1. The ability to get a free toupee as tribute from the locals! 😀

  2. From earlier strips:

    “Me, Ralf the Xyoan, JUDGE of an entire world on behalf of the Trans-Galactic Council…”

    “The Council made me, Ralf the Destroyer, JUDGE of Earth.”

    He was supposed to DECIDE whether or not the Earth should be destroyed, not just blow it up. JUDGMENT can go either way. Would someone please remind Ralf of this? It was never a done deal…

    1. Nah… This is funnier.

    2. True, but it is also someone who hands down judgement after a decision has been made. We’ll have to see which it is…

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