I'm sure Ralf is wondering what one good apple gets you...

9 thoughts on “Consciously

  1. One good apple gets you a full belly! Yummy~!

  2. Which brings us also full circle…

    After all the explanation that his race is NOT a group of planetary hit men… =^^=

    1. so it never stops being complicated…

  3. Well, complications are the salt in the soup of life. ….. Or at least i’ve been told so. ^^;;;

    1. Oddly enough, I really don’t like manufactured drama in life. But, I do like things salty…

  4. Hey, well, if it was easy, ANYONE could be a destroyer. . . 😉

    1. Excellent point!

      1. Wasn’t it that he was sent because others would die before they arrived at the destination?

        1. Well, yes… in that the trip was beyond the Council’s technological reach…

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