Defender Of Earth

The very brief origin story of "Defender of Earth", according to Lexi...

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  1. Unicorns aren’t stupid! (Unless they have been rolling in the Poison Joke, but even then effects may vary!) =^^=

  2. Wait… The Defender feeds AND radiates jubilant power? Doesn’t that mean he powers himself?

    1. No, it’s the same principle as charging and discharging a battery, only; happy people make him happy and he makes other people happy… the more joy he feels the stronger he gets… he’s an upbeat guy (according to Lexi).

  3. I’m a bit confused, is the Defender a real person who has a comic book made about him or is Lexi trying to convince him a comic book character is real?

  4. I guess, then, if he is surrounded by grouchy, nasty, evil people, he loses his powers… (his “kryptonite”, if you will…)

  5. Hoards of aliens? I hoard food to be prepared for invading alien hordes, Who hoards aliens in preparation for invading foods?

    1. Maybe the queen alien? Wait a minute… you’re trying to tell me something. Sadly, my spelling dictionary only tells me if the letters are right and I get cross-eyed lettering sometimes.

  6. I’m surprised know one picked up on the bonus detail… Maybe they did and didn’t mention it.

  7. He’s bald?

  8. Aha. That certainly looks like Thane there in the lab coat and glasses. He did hint at doing that sort of work in the past. The plot thickens ^_^

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