So many things are lost in translation at times...

7 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Not the approved method of study there, young lady! =^^=

    1. Her Dad should have a little talk with her Sunday school teacher…

  2. “I looked and there before me was a pale horse. It’s rider was named death, and hell was following close behind him.” Revelation 6:8.

    What are the odds opening that page? And also, nice touch with the ravens or crows.

  3. Looks like Lexi is working on a relationship with the Almighty. Conversation is a good start to avoid Religiousity. 🙂

  4. Yes Scott, many things are lost in translation. The Koine Greek word that was translated into “pale”, as on a pale horse is “chloros”, meaning what we think of as a pale, sickly shade of green. Like Ralf there.

    (Your friend “I’m a Dillo” recommended Ralf at the comments section of Endtown at gocomics. I even voted for you a few times at topwebcomics.com. If anyone wants to vote for Ralf and/or Scott at topwebcomics go to that site, scroll down to the bottom, type Ralf the destroyer into the search box and hit search and you will be transported to the appropriate voting page with directions. I think he gets some sort of reward if he scores well, plus awareness of his comic).

  5. Revelation is usually at the end of the Bible. As for the book in the comic, it looks like it’s in the middle…

    1. Perhaps she’s using a “Chained Study Bible with Concordance”, that’d place it about right.

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