Familiar Face

When ever someone thinks they know my brother and that I look just like him, I brace for the worst... since I don't have a brother.

5 thoughts on “Familiar Face

  1. Lasting impression or impact? :XD

  2. I’d hate to be Ralf right now. That looks like it hurt!

  3. Here in Colorado we have a bar with a painting on the floor, strangely enough named ” Face on the Barroom Floor”. It appears that this bar has a face on the barroom floor too, a tiny green one.

  4. Good thing that was only a “Hey, I think I may have an annoyance about you” punch! He doesn’t want to KNOW what a “You owe me money” or “I REALLY have something against you” punch feels like!

  5. @ Scott
    You should immediately say: “Wow, you have a long memory. He died at sixteen.” Chances are you just derailed them big time. 😉

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