Great Exceptions

Ralf is learning more about his new friends... or captors, it's all about perspective.

3 thoughts on “Great Exceptions

  1. A computer car with an in-line six? (Sorry, that engine looks like my old jeep’s motor!) =^^=

    The accent for the other character is cool, but reading his dialog is a bit of a headache… (Maybe because it’s 5:45am? =^^; )

    1. BMW’s have straight sixes too and were the first to do the engine computer in 1979 (I believe)… Jeep and BMW, the last holdouts for the most naturally balanced and reliable engine format.

      As for Bryon, his dialog would be tough to understand even if it were spoken vs written and read… it’s tough sounding it out phonetically for me as well, but I can’t hear his voice any other way.

  2. I’m wondering who knows what accent he’s got?
    (see if I got it right, phonetically)

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