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Held Up

At least Ralf will be safe in there...

7 thoughts on “Held Up

  1. Some day he’ll laugh and laugh about all this…where’s the banana-peel?!?

    1. A most excellent reference! 😉

      1. Wow, I’m surprised you got that! I was so vague…wait, we’re both talking about that old movie, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”, right?

        1. Indeed! The best comedies are timeless :mrgreen:

  2. For some reason this reminded me of that Tweety and Sylvester cartoon where they landed in the hospital with a bulldog. Hope nobody is gonna hit Ralf’s cast with a cane…

    1. I can’t make any promises… 🙄

  3. Nutz indeed. 🙂

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