Looks like Ralf appreciates irony....

6 thoughts on “Lettered

  1. Ralf, I am impressed by your knowledge of the English language…..even without your special suit.

    1. Well, if he can see through Lexi’s purse, he can see through blankets and a book 😉

  2. Poor guy! I have a touch of agoraphobia, myself. With me, it manifests as a fear of open spaces. Sort of the opposite of claustrophobia. We think it’s a side effect of my ms.

    How interesting, that Ralf has such knowledge of different fears…

  3. Well thank goodness. Now we know what he’s afraid of, I’m sure
    he’ll be cured and out of there very quickly.

    So nice to see a new page, I was starting to worry about you matey.
    Next time… *swat* let us know if you’re going to be so long between pages. 🙂


  4. Glad to see you and Ralph are back.

  5. Critical hit i’d say. :XD

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