Like Butter

Maybe Gorts have butter fingers...

9 thoughts on “Like Butter

  1. Hope he uses real-time backups

    1. I thought about putting some dialog in to mention that, but I liked the feel of the silence between them…

  2. Good idea destroying the chip. Who could guess the abundant back up supply. The Gort must have had small engineers to maintain the brain chip because it is located so close to the floor and they are so not- close to- the floor in size. The cabinet is more in scale to their apparent size.

    1. Go back a few strips to “Thunder Lizard”, you may notice those tiny hands closer to the floor…

    2. By golly, Mr. Lincoln, You’re right about the tiny hands. I overlook them. I must have assumed they were just some fancy schmancy belt buckle for holding unto some small weapon while they used a larger one to impress their victim of the moment. You were thinking ahead on that, fer shure.

  3. Hmmm, so she just, in essence, spiked Gothra’s brain on the floor? Now I have that song stuck in my head:

    I’d rather have a bottle on front of me,
    than have a frontal lobotomy!
    I may be drunk, but at least I’m not insane! =^^=

  4. Well, at least a ‘B’ for the effort. ^^

  5. Smart kid.

    1. Her resources are limited, but she tries hard!

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