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Or, perhaps, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth...

7 thoughts on “Operator

  1. Oh it’s retro. And he’s old… Also, great to have you back!

    1. I second that notion from behavior on the Agent. ^^ Also happy new year everyone.

  2. You know, now that you bring this up, I’m going to have to Google around to see is someone, somewhere actually made a functional shoe phone! =^^=

  3. Ah, the old “phone in the shoe” trick, eh?

  4. Really? Who in the world thought that having a shoe-phone would be sneaky?! Oh, no, having your shoe ring isn’t conspicuous at ALL…

    1. He may have already tried using the “vibrate” setting… but it it may have also made his toes numb.

      1. But you can still hear it, even on a vibrate setting! It would make more sense have it strapped to his chest or in his hair…if it’s big enough. Remember the mullet? Pompadour? Or even afro? Surely you could hide something in those!

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