Party Girl

Some folks are just more goal oriented...

8 thoughts on “Party Girl

  1. “If you don’t leave the planet, I’ll be forced to scorch the planet surface.”

  2. Well seemingly Gothra still got her priorities straight. 😀

  3. That ship knows how to have a good time.

  4. But has that ship filed all the important documentation about environmental impact for such an action? =^^=

  5. Oh that Ralf!
    Always bringing up details.

  6. And now to change back into the high-tech uniform. That polyester must be getting scratchy.

    1. Unfortunately, the MIB are in possession of the only one he has… So he’ll have to get it back if he wants it. But alas, I have said too much already.

      1. Polyester it is then!
        If it worked for James Tiberius . . .

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